Privacy Policy

What we send.

Silent Radiance is an application that receives "Distance Disco" - which includes music and additional information that helps make the visuals, like a radio.

When receiving an internet disco, the apache web server does log the ip address. This information is summarized into song playlist counts. There is an exception- The Grateful Dead channel does no logging whatsoever, as per their DAT licensing.

There is an internet store, which is a separate web application. This store uses paypal to handle all processing. There is an exception- The Grateful Dead channel allows downloads of all tapes for free.

The Cred Database

Internally, Silent Radiance can store credibility or "Cred" events on the phone. These cred events happen only at showws where a DJ sends them out. I actually havent used the cred database for much yet.
Cred might be used in the future to allow the user to send the cred out to other websites such as facebook, with the user explicitly stating they want to do so. Cred events do not have personal invormation. the basically state "I was there."

The store

Every channel associated with Resplandor has its home page that has information about the channel. Many of these have a store for purchasing songs, albums, and more. The store's transactions are handled by Paypal. There is no device identifier or user identifier sent tothe store. However, we send the device class, the expected language, and marketing tag to have the store generate appropriate content for you.

Content bought by the purchase will be available through us sending email. The content will be available for 45 days.
Most content is watermarked to the purchase transactions, to ensure that the content is not pirated.
The exception is the Grateful Dead channel, where the downloads are direct from the website, as per the DAT license.
As a policy, we do not use the email for sending follow up promotions. I hate email spam, and figure you do also.

Other Channels

Eventually, Resplandor will allow pointing to channels outside our servers. Also, there could be independent ports of this software, due to it being open source. I have no control over their privacy policy.

What the maker of Silent Radiance thinks about privacy.

I have worked as a database developer for 29 years. I work with private data in an ethical way. SilentRadiance is an application to let people know music, not to be known because they like music. Please enjoy.