Warning: Technical Jumbo Alert

You can build, host and point to your own music soon!

Version 1.2

Until then you can read about this upcomming feature. and Click on U to hear some personal favorites.

Since SilentRadiance is Open Source, the technically savvy can make their own broadcaster.

Necessary ingreedients are:

How it works:

The linux server takes input either from the system sound, or a line input, analyzes and compresses the sound, and then uploads a 30k-60k stream to the hosting space and an uplaod script.
From there a download script will serve up the content to anyone who connects to it.
Then on the SilentRadiance app, choose the U station, and click it a second time to enter your URL.(Note: Apple devices probably require the web server to be SSL encrypted.) Example Url:

There also is a web client in development (Emscryptem is the Bomb). That takes a while to set up, so I will probably make a binary. This needs to download in 7 bit instead of 8 bit because javascript is lame. There are download7.pl and download7.php variants for that.

Scripts are available both in perl and php, so you can choose your scripting poison.

And volla! you have music.

Resources used

Most of the number crunching is done on the server side, using about 60% of a core for itself, and pulse using 35% for a low end machine. The average music only throughput is 30 kilobytes a second. But the uploader script generally uploads two streams that are staggered just in case of a hickup, which doubles the upload resource.

The web server again outputs ~30k per stream, with low cpu overhead.

The clients use cpu and gpu pretty heavily, but performs well from cheap android 5 to android 7 devices. Android phones last longer than the apple phones for battery life.

Theres more

From the server side, there are commands to change background colors, and send pictures along with the sound. This will be descibed later.


Instructions are here


Killer Cool Development, LLC does not host personal radio stations, as thre is not way to tell if the uploaders or downloaders are adhearing to fair use copyright law. So, just use it for yourself, NK?